Code of conduct

To ensure everyone’s safety, FURIES presents this code of conduct and invites you to read it. With this tool, FURIES hopes to guide reflection, facilitate decision-making and prevent situations that could endanger the integrity of everyone at this event, which we hope will be festive and joyful!

NON-VIOLENCE & SOLIDARITY | Gender equality, inclusion and accessibility are priority values for FURIES. In this spirit, violent language and discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated at the festival.

CARE FOR PLACES & COMMUNITIES | FURIES invites you to show respect and kindness to one another, as well as to the places and spaces occupied by the festival. Keep in mind that these installations are inhabited year-round by a community that is welcoming during the festival. Be patient with local merchants during this busy summer period, and considerate of the hospitality of local residents.

ECORESPONSIBILITY | Act in an eco-responsible manner: encourage carpooling, use reusable containers, dispose of cigarette butts in the ashtrays provided, prioritize composting whenever possible, and bring your own wood to build a fire on the beach, rather than using driftwood – essential for maintaining the shoreline ecosystem!

CONSENT | FURIES defends and applies the culture of consent. We value individual autonomy and the ability to determine one’s own needs, desires and limits. No non-consensual behavior will be tolerated during the festival.

If you have any doubts about how to deal with a problematic situation, please contact one of our team members as soon as possible, who will be able to intervene, help you or refer you to a qualified person. If you wish to communicate by e-mail, please use the following confidential address: