Closing evening

performance "Shikuaniss" by Soleil Launière & bonfire

Photo: Soleil Launière «Shikuaniss»
Photo: Soleil Launière
Closing event

Sunday, July 31, 2022 at 8:00 pm

The public, artists and partners are invited to come and close the 3rd edition of FURIES with a performance by Soleil Launière, followed by a festive evening around the fire, near the Marsoui River in Salon58. The new creation “Shikuaniss” will be presented for the very first time during this special event! ShikuanissSoleil Launière I am Innushkueu, territory woman. I was born on the shore of Lake Piekuakami, the inland sea. I am inspired by Nitassinan, our territory. From our breathing, from our presence emanates our traditions, our culture. I built my thoughts in the middle of driftwoods eaten by the waters. I found my tales through the grandfather fossils, with stories well anchored in their solid carcasses. In symbiosis with my roots, I am learning to maintain integrity in the face of what I do not know and what I think I know. I am learning to relearn my culture. Shikuan is between winter and spring, between the beginning and the end of the thaw. This is the time when traditional activities are subject to the will of nature. One of the recognized functions of Shikuan is to be an in-between time, a period conductive to the world of dreams, to another way of being in action. The performance will find its anchor in the energy of this in-between time and of these 5 verbs: Walk, paddle, carry, erect and be born.