Closing Evening

Lutte à l'Est + Maï(g)wenn et les Orteils + Emmanuel Jouthe & Xavier Curnillon + DJ Sovann

soirée de clôture

Sunday, July 28th at 8PM

Lutte à l’Est

Caty Wildcat returned to Montreal with Lutte à l’Est’s belt.. and dumped it in the garbage. Mag Tire and Nancy 2-Sucres swore revenge, but above all, to bring the belt BACK HOME. But Caty won’t be defending her title alone, as Stacey Liberty Jones intends to fight along until the very end, and show the local yokels that she’s done laughing. But before they face off for the belt, they’ll have to prove themselves against Marie-Cage, who hasn’t stopped training for the love of her lioness friend who was murdered by the authorities – and against a new wrestler, Gaÿa, freshly coming out of Esprit-Saint’s latest Rainbow gathering.

Once again brought to life by the velvet-punched iron voices of Crystal-Line and Sandra-Lee, we promise you a second gala packed with energy and, above all, zero waste that’s to say, we’ve sent Jouliano off to be recycled, and we’ve come up with a new referee… to be discovered on the ring!

Mirages by Emmanuel Jouthe and Xavier Curnillon

The composite installation MIRAGES by the Emmanuel Jouthe | Danse Carpe Diem company is an intimate proposition that suggests a mise en abyme of the living.

Various modular stations project different viewpoints of human bodies or short choreographic solos. The work takes on its full meaning through its interaction with the viewer, who, in a gesture of openness, can pick up the dance in the palm of their hands or let it glide over other surfaces.

Listen to See by Maï(g)wenn et les Orteils

Maï(g)wenn et les Orteils and Emmanuel Jouthe | Danse Carpe Diem present a new installment of LISTEN TO SEE danced by professional performers living with an intellectual disability.

LISTEN TO SEE features a variety of solos, scattered throughout the space and danced simultaneously. Equipped with a pair of headphones attached to an iPod, dancers and spectators share a choreography face to face for the duration of a piece of music. Through the sensibility of artists living with disabilities and their singular gestural language, this new part of LISTEN TO SEE is likely to provoke unusual relational situations. In this space of intimacy and proximity, the spectator, challenged by the artist living with an intellectual disability, will be exposed to a very simple artistic experience, and yet one that is likely to change his or her view of the human being and his or her abilities.

DJ Sovann

DJ Sovann brings you an evening of percussion. Join us on the dance floor for a journey through time. Varying between funk, disco, house, RnB and afrobeats, the musical selection will keep you grooving non-stop!