Closing evening

Feu de Forêt by Safia Nolin & Maryse Goudreau

Photo : Nicolas Biaux
Photo : Nicolas Biaux
Closing event

Sunday, July 30 at 8 pm

Sharing a passion for cetaceans, Safia Nolin (music) and Maryse Goudreau (visual arts) created, during a residency at the BleuBleu Festival in the summer of 2021, a DIY ode to the living. Taking the form of a series of musical tableaux, Feu de forêt draws on the naïve aesthetics of 6th grade shows and church hall parties to re-sacralize nature. Accompanied by 3 acolytes, Mica Guitard, Zahia Nolin et Catherine Beau-Ferron, Safia and Maryse invite us into a DIY apocalypse with Feu de forêt (forest fire).

This performance will be followed by a DJ set by Sovann Rochon-Prom Tep to dance one last time and close the festival in style!

In the event of uncertain weather, check our social networks to find out if the event has been maintained, moved, postponed or cancelled.