Concert in the Park : Les Coz de maïs

Catherine Dagenais-Savard & Sandrine Masse

Coz de mais
to see in family

Friday, July 26th, 1 PM

During a captivating hour-long spectacle, dive into a world where cultures converge and intertwine with Les Coz de maïs. This unique sensory experience brings together music, dance, and poetry to create an unforgettable artistic journey. Through original songs in French, English, and Wendat, where traditional Wendat sounds harmoniously blend with contemporary accents, Les Coz de maïs capture the essence of their cultural reconnection. As the performance unfolds, poetry and dance evolve into stories resonating with their perception of the world as Wendat and Quebecois women.

Les Coz de maïs offer you an artistic voyage celebrating the richness and diversity of cultures, inviting everyone to discover the beauty of human connection through art.

In the event of uncertain weather, check our social networks to find out if the event has been maintained, moved, postponed or cancelled.