Nate Yaffe

«Earthlings» ⏤ workshop-show for young audience

Photo: Lauren Semeschuk par Kinga Michalska
Photo: Lauren Semeschuk par Kinga Michalska
Young audience
Contemporary dance

Sunday, July 31, 2022 at 2:00 pm

Created in collaboration with students from Montréal and Reykjavik, Earthlings is an interactive dance journey for all ages that features fantastic wearable sculptures which transform the body to find a playful kinesthetic empathy for all Earthlings: human, plant, fungal, mineral, and mystical. At the heart of this work lie the challenges of body image that begin at a young age. This hybrid workshop-show offers audience members a unique performance experience that encourages autonomy within togetherness, to build community through dance.
Here, we are all misfits: in our element yet out of place, adrift amidst the bouncy waves. Don’t be swallowed by the sea of possibilities! We must come together to imagine the city of our dreams. As we hurl our amazing (strange!) bodies and shapes into new rhythms, we’ll find a groove together. Smashing and dancing and pouncing with feeling, through our Will and our Power we’ll build a niche for the Earthlings.