Listen to See

Maï(g)wenn et les Orteils


Sunday, July 28th, 11:30 AM

Maï(g)wenn et les Orteils and Emmanuel Jouthe | Danse Carpe Diem present a new installment of LISTEN TO SEE danced by professional performers living with an intellectual disability.

LISTEN TO SEE features a variety of solos, scattered throughout the space and danced simultaneously. Equipped with a pair of headphones attached to an iPod, dancers and spectators share a choreography face to face for the duration of a piece of music. Through the sensibility of artists living with disabilities and their singular gestural language, this new part of LISTEN TO SEE is likely to provoke unusual relational situations. In this space of intimacy and proximity, the spectator, challenged by the artist living with an intellectual disability, will be exposed to a very simple artistic experience, and yet one that is likely to change his or her view of the human being and his or her abilities.