Love Becomes Her

Nova Bhattacharya


© Photo : Ed Hanley

to see in family

Friday, July 26th, 10 AM
Saturday, July 27th, 10 AM

Love Becomes Her encapsulates the essence of passionate intensity intertwined with serene grace. As an in-situ dance performance that will take place along the beach, it echoes the profound human experience of dancing, delving into authenticity, complexity, and contradiction. Amidst the fervent rush to maintain presence, there exists a delicate balance — a dance between fervor and calm. This journey pays homage to ancestral ties with lands and waters, syncing with the timeless rhythms of nature’s creation. Yet, within this whirlwind, there is a tranquil undercurrent, a reminder to pause and embrace the stillness. The rapid pace and unwavering persistence symbolize the urgency of existence, yet in the midst of chaos, there is beauty. Love Becomes Her embodies the paradox of life — imbued with imperfection, splendor, and joy. It is a celebration of vitality, where every moment, whether impassioned or tranquil, contributes to the vibrant tapestry of human experience.

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