Kama La Mackerel

Offrandes: Le corps-île, la mémoire-eau

Photo de Michael Seminaro
Photo de Michael Seminaro
Performative ritual

Sunday, July 30 at 12 noon

*This event takes place at a secret location, which will be communicated by email to ticket holders the day before.

 A 15 minutes discussion will follow the 45 minutes performance.

In this ritual-performance, Kama La Mackerel invokes water memories: this fluidity that lives in us, that is present around us, that transforms and reshapes itself but never disappears. Water, in all its forms, in all of its courses, in all of its bodies, carry history: ecological, geological, mineral, ancestral stories…

Though ritual, performance, movement, multilingual poetry and voice, Kama La Mackerel opens up a space where their birth-island, Mauritius, is in conversation with Gaspésie territories, where the Indian Ocean flows into the Saint Lawrence. Through this offering, the artist invites us to rethink our relationship to spirituality, ecology, history and our own bodies,

This performance was partly developed during Kama La Mackerel’s residency at Salon58 in Fall 2022.

In the event of uncertain weather conditions, please consult our social networks to find out if the event has been maintained, moved, postponed or cancelled.