Opening Night

Rara Soley + Emmanuel Jouthe & Xavier Curnillon + DJ Sovann

Soirée d'ouverture, Rara Soley, Emmanuel Jouthe et Xavier Curnillon
Opening event

Thursday July 25th, 7:30 PM

Rara Soley

Rara Soley’s music is rich in new sounds: tanbou, vaksinn, graj, tcha-tcha and vocals produce music that touches the soul. At the heart of this electric and therapeutic atmosphere of great intensity, ancestral spirits never hesitate to manifest themselves! A musical style originating from the traditional Haitian peasantry and based in the lakou (sacred courtyards), Rara, like the Haitian people, blends both African and indigenous heritage.

Mirages by Emmanuel Jouthe and Xavier Curnillon

The composite installation MIRAGES by the Emmanuel Jouthe | Danse Carpe Diem company is an intimate proposition that suggests a mise en abyme of the living.

Various modular stations project different viewpoints of human bodies or short choreographic solos. The work takes on its full meaning through its interaction with the viewer, who, in a gesture of openness, can pick up the dance in the palm of their hands or let it glide over other surfaces.

Continue the evening with DJ Sovann and dance your joy!

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