With DJ Sovann and VJ Sonya

DJ Sovann + VJ SONYA (2)
theme party

Saturday, July 27th, 10 PM

Join DJ Sovann on the dance floor for a journey through time. Varying between funk, disco, house, RnB and afrobeats, the musical selection will keep you grooving non-stop!

Moreover, for this special evening, Sonya brings forth her distinctive blend of creativity, merging the vibrant energy of rad dance visuals with the tranquil allure of palm trees and beach scenes. Armed with her trusty computer and the boundless possibilities of Touch Designer, she orchestrates a symphony of visuals, each stroke synchronized to the pulsating beats of DJ Sovann’s eclectic soundscape.

Let’s join Sonya on this enchanting voyage as she transports you to a realm where technology meets nostalgia, and where every pixel dances to the rhythm of her imagination.