Anne Thériault


Crédit photo : Dominique Bouchard
Crédit photo : Dominique Bouchard
Contemporary dance

Friday, July 28 at 10 am
Saturday, July 29 at 10 am

An unfamiliar, melancholic atmosphere hovers over the retro carpet in a living room. The tense antennas of curious theremins wait to respond to the discrete movements of the performers in front of a few dozen privileged spectators. The theremins, early electronic-music instruments, capture through their frequencies the fantasy of three women in search of a lost futurism.


Sensual performance or anachronistic reverie, Anne Thériault’s improbable Récital is a choreography for transmitting bodies traversed by ambient waves. The organ and the beatbox vibrate to the soft poetry of the quirky electro. Flashlights create expressionistic shadow plays. The glow of a cinema of anguish arises around a kitsch tableau. There is a malicious pleasure in entering the enchanted domain of objects that we are fond of and that haunt us. A homemade choreographic recital, which awakens a kind of comic strangeness and nostalgia for defunct technologies.

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