Louise Lecavalier / Fou Glorieux


Photo: André Cornellier
André Cornellier
Contemporary dance
Gaspesian premiere

Friday, July 29, 2022 at 6:00 pm

Driven by a vital impulse that always thrusts her back into the arena, Louise Lecavalier renews the primeval experience called dance. In four stations — as with the many cardinal points and  bodily states: fluidity, control, meditation, and obsession — she continues her vertiginous exploration of dance in a fiery solo taken to the edge of intimacy. Through the stories engraved in her very flesh and through the ebb and flow of the movement, she conquers her freedom torn between bird and elephant; the desire to soar and that to stay anchored in the present. Each particle of her being expresses what is beyond words. In osmosis with the insistent drive of the music, an astounding Lecavalier reaches the pinnacle of her art.