Lara Kramer

Them Voices

Photo : Lara Kramer par Alex-Côté
Multidisciplinary dance performance

Friday, July 28 at 10 am
Saturday, July 29 at 10 am

A discussion of approximately 20 minutes will follow the 70 minutes performance.

In Them Voices, past and future generations come together and manifest in Lara Kramer’s body, mind and dreams. The choreographer of mixed Oji-Cree and Colonial heritage confronts an unceasing and eternal present, and searches to be inside the place that carries memory and future imagination. Kramer anchors herself and becomes an open channel through time and space; her multidisciplinary practice embodies the primordial voices of the past and the future. This solo performance explores the inter-relationality between land, the artist’s body and her memory and future memory, drawing on notions of performance, social critique and cultural resistance. Kramer addresses a world where histories come together to assess the consequences of our actions on future generations. The artist strives to re-imagine new pathways connected to future ancestors in their flight and journey.

An introspective and minimalist experience that lasts. An opportunity to dive into an important social critique with this daring and radical performer!


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