Triple program

Aly Keita ⏤ «Djata: Conversations of the Manden»
Marie-Reine Kabasha ⏤ «Neither solid nor static»
Mecdy Mystic Rootz ⏤ «Anchored in memory»

1) Aly Keita & Trevor John Ferrier par Thibault Caron 2) Marie-Reine Kabasha par Do Phan Hoi 3) Mecdy Mystic Rootz par Do Phan Hoi
1) Aly Keita par Thibault Caron 2) Marie-Reine Kabasha par Do Phan Hoi 1) Mecdy Jean-Pierre par Do Phan Hoi
Contemporary dance

Saturday, July 30, 2022 at 6:00 pm

With this triple program composed of short solos, the public will meet three emerging Montreal artists who are interested in Afrodescendant cultures of yesterday and today from diverse approaches. A dive into the intimate with a spirit of sharing.
Djata: Conversations of the Manden – Aly Keita Begotten by the power of the buffalo and the lion, Sundiata Keita; the child that everyone was waiting for, and whose birth had been predicted by the Magi, is unable to walk. Against all odds, after years of humiliation, he finds the strength to get up. It is the beginning of his awakening which will lead him to found the great Mandingo empire. Djata: Conversations of the Manden is inspired by this emblematic character of African culture, who in the 13th century united the territories of West Africa, including Guinea, the native country of the choreographer Aly Keita. Keita pays homage to the history of his ancestor, whose name he bears, and updates it in his body. Through his corporeality, he embodies the messages transmitted by the sung stories of the griots, and at the same time, reveals his personal journey, through a constant dialogue between strength and vulnerability. Neither solid nor static – Marie-Reine Kabasha “Ni solide ni statique” (Neither solid nor static) is a constant revealing of what has settled within Marie-Reine Kabasha, and what runs through her. An exploration of forms, presence, flesh, uncertainties, perseverance, letting go and self-assertion at all costs. A moment to be completely present to herself and to the public, while accompanied by Enora Trebern in music. An invitation to accept, for a moment, all that is within us. Anchored in memory – Mecdy Mystic Rootz Incense burns, opening a passage between the spirit world and the physical world. Clearing the dissonant energies, Mecdy Mystic Rootz dances to retrieve his buried memories in his subtle bodies. After a while, his physical, mental and etheric bodies will approach a trance-like state, inhabited by the shamanic rhythms.

Teaser - Mecdy Mystic Rootz

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