YOUNG AUDIENCE WORKSHOP ⏤ Having fun with body geometry

with Nate Yaffe

Photo: Kristjan Karlsson
Photo: Kristjan Karlsson
Young audience

Saturday, July 30, 2022 at 10:00 am

This young audience workshop explores how to create together without talking, using the different shapes the body can make to invent new dances! We ask every participant to bring a coat or an item of clothing, which we will use as an appendage to open up new possibilities of what our bodies could be in our imagination. During this workshop, we will practice communication through dance (without speaking!) to create spontaneous dances in duos and trios. Then we will discuss how each shape brings new stories and characters, and how we can watch the same dance but disagree on what we see! Through these dance explorations, we invite the participants to see body shape as playful and generative, rather than something with fixed values to conform to. In this way I hope to show that every body can dance, and all the shapes of our bodies can show us fun and unique dances!