Stéphane Maddix Albert during FURIES 2021 (Photo : Clotilde D-G)



Under the artistic direction of Priscilla Guy and Sébastien Provencher, FURIES is a contemporary dance festival on a human scale held in Marsoui – Gaspésie and which highlights powerful choreographic forms in the everyday landscape. For the 3rd and 4th edition, guest artist-curator Karla Etienne joigns the programming team. FURIES is produced by Mandoline Hybride.

4th EDITION — July 27 to 30, 2023

Thank you to our financial partners

We also thank

the Municipality of Marsoui, the Marsoui Development Committee, the Honourable Diane Lebouthillier, Member of Parliament for Gaspésie-Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, the Maison de la culture de Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, La Chapelle du Cap, the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges school of Marsoui, the Corporation de développement de La Martre, Auval, Malbord, Coteau Rougemont, Épicerie Thibault, L’Armoire santé, Tangente Danse, La Charpente des fauves, Marie Hudon, Jean-Jacques Élie, Récup. alimentaire Haute-Gaspésie, L’Euguélionne, our Complices: La Chapelle scènes contemporaines, Auberge festive du Sea Shack, Festival des arts de Sainte-Sauveur, as well as all the volunteers and all the partners and friends who contribute in any way to the success of the festival.

Team FURIES 2023

  • Artistic Direction: Priscilla Guy & Sébastien Provencher
  • Guest Curator: Karla Etienne
  • Director – Administration, Production and Ticket manager: Marie-Charlotte Castonguay-Harvey
  • Communications Manager : Lucie Romano
  • Technical Director: Samuel Thériault
  • Technical Managers: Paul Chambers, Lisandre Coulombe & Alex Larègle
  • In charge of hospitality and volunteers: Emma Desgens
  • In charge of provisions: Maurice-Gaston Du Berger
  • Photographers: Moïse Marcoux-Chabot & Marie-Josée Lemieux
  • Videographers: Claudia Chan Tak & Jonathan Gaudreau
  • Catering: Marc-André Dinel
  • Design: Étienne Després
  • Website: Jean-Philippe Ung
  • Volunteer Brigade : Emile Beauchemin, Sigrid Patterson, Béatrice Dutil, Jack Tremblay, Maya Guy, Jean-François Samson, Francois Houle, Soma Palato, Victoria Côté Peleja, Suzanne Peleja, Rozenn Lecomte, Camille Gendron, Charlotte Perron, Hélène Laliberté, Géraldine Leong Sang Nate Yaffe, Christian Maria Brun del Re, Rafaëla Salomé Tremblay-van Zuiden, Pier-Luc Lussier, Emilie Morin, Karine Cloutier, Dylan Lafontaine, Constance Aubry, Eliane H Alvarez, Chanel cheiban, Danny legrand, Laurie Mckeown, Clémence Pepin, Francine Guimont


Land and water acknowledgment

We wish to acknowledge that our activities and gatherings take place on the unceded lands and waters of the Mi’gmaq Nation. These traditional lands and waters are known to the Mi’gmaq community as the 7th District of the Mi’gma’gi, Gespe’gewa’gi: The Last Land. Visit Mandoline Hybride’s website to read the full statement and discover all our decolonization initiatives.

Our eco-responsible commitments

FURIES is proud to be committed to reducing its ecological footprint, through various concrete choices, from suppliers to hospitality and transportation.

  • No single-use plastic used at the bar or in the kitchen;
  • No printing of evening programs;
  • Approximately 400 homemade meals served to the artistic teams in reusable dishes;
  • No printing required for ticketing;
  • Composting of all organic waste in the kitchen and recycling bins on site;
  • Travel of artists and teams offset by purchasing carbon credits;
  • Sale of FURIES second hand t-shirt and shirts printed locally and ethically in silk-screening;
  • Choice of local suppliers (bar, meals, banner printing, etc.)

Visit Mandoline Hybride’s website to learn more about the company’s commitments.


Programming process

As a festival on a human scale with limited resources, FURIES does not issue a call for proposals. However, it is possible to send us an spontaneous submission that we will consider within a reasonable time frame, given that the artistic programming team works only about 10 to 15 hours per month from September to May. The FURIES artistic team has to make difficult choices among a plethora of artistic proposals mainly in dance, but also in music, performance, theater, storytelling or circus, as indicated by its mandate of discovery and disciplinary networking through dance. Only about 15 works are selected each year. Many people submit projects to us and we have to turn down the vast majority. Since the programming is planned about 10 months in advance, the beginning of the fall is a good time to send your projects for the next edition. To propose a project, contact us by email at:

Programming angles

In the context of FURIES, on the one hand, we tend to program completed works, because our risk-taking does not lie in the accompaniment of creation for premieres (as is the case for Tangente and the Agora de la danse), but rather in an eclectic and uncompromising programming that favors the revival of works that have often not toured much or not at all in Quebec and, a fortiori, in Gaspésie. Thus, with the exception of the carte blanche we give to artists to create a work specifically for Marsoui (ex: Louise Bédard at the sand lot), we often favor works in finished format that we have seen in real life or on video.

On the other hand, we try to go with common favorites between the 3 members of the current artistic team (Sébastien Provencher, Karla Etienne and Priscilla Guy), whose aesthetic tastes are quite different.

Finally, there are a multitude of elements that we take into account, such as provenance, artistic maturity, type of choreographic practice, proposed aesthetics, solo or group pieces, representation of marginalized communities, a concern to contribute to the decolonization of dance, etc. The programming must reflect a set of values that the festival holds and that influence our choices.

Thus, the choice of whether or not to program a work at the festival is not only based on its artistic interest, but also on a complex balance between a multitude of elements that form the context of FURIES.

We look forward to seeing your work!

— Priscilla, Sébastien and Karla

For more information on the programming, contact Sébastien Provencher at


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